Urban Triptych

by Darage Bang

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My first concept work is the result of a process of sound design, evoked associations and improvisation.
Urban life is something everybody experiences in his own way, but often it has the aura of decay and dystopia. Cities will grow uncontrolled, more and more people will live in cities and the supply with energy, food, entertainment and healthcare becomes more difficult every day. Many of them drop out of society and a twighlight zone i.e. a meta city will grow in the shadows of scyscrapers and mega-shopping-malls. This is my view on city life of the future.
The Triptych has no order to be played as the three tracks are one piece. But I recommend to start at the "Center", like you would look at a painted picture.
Words: Wikipedia
Voice: Victoria

IMPORTANT audiophiles info: the tracks you hear on this page or in a Bandcamp player widget are (intentionally) mutilated to death by a very very poor mp3 encoding. The original audio files, which you can download after your purchase, sound much better. If you don't have any money to spend, just e-mail me and I'll send you a free download link for the album.


released October 9, 2010




Darage Bang Germany

There's one thing that keeps me making music: It makes me happy.
This understanding was covered up by many irrelevant hopes and ambitions. Such as fame, acknowledgement, pride, earning money etc. Or opinions of how music has to be or what it should be good for. Nonsense.
Music must make you happy.
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